St. Stephens Iconic School

St. Stephen's Iconic School

(Formerly St. Stephen’s International School)
Nutangram-Pirtala, P.O.: Taalgaachhi, P.S. & Dist: Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin: 742149

Fit India Programme

To celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the students and teachers at St. Stephen’s Iconic School performed various Yogas with great enthusiasm. Students of grade I to X demonstrated various asanas. Warm up exercises were taken and all the students performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these were explained simultaneously. The celebration concluded with synchronized recitation of shlokas and speech by our Principal. She encouraged the students to practice yoga regularly to remain fit and improve their concentration.

Dance increases self-confidence and self-esteem in children. It helps kids overcome stage fear and face audience without any anxiety. When students participate in a dance programme in school, they realize they are more courageous and fit than they ever imagined! The overall fitness level of the students improved and their confidence reflected clearly in their attitude.

Martial arts as an educational system are of paramount importance for everybody especially for kids. Karate benefits kids at every aspect of their lives – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Developing balance, coordination, focus, respect, discipline, self-defence is well known feature of every practice. In our school we practise Karate on a regular basis to enable the students realise the importance of fitness and self-defence.

To reinvent the education system and give students a break from the traditional classroom learning, there is a dire need to revive the quiz culture in schools and colleges. A quiz competition related to ‘Sports and Fitness’ was organised, where the students of four individual houses participated with much joy and enthusiasm.
The best advantage of poster making is that it facilitates team work and understanding along with facilitating creative thinking and extensive research and reading. It provides students with an opportunity to learn by doing, in turn strengthening the learning. The poster making competition was also an area where the students came up with brilliant ideas and projected their literary skills.

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