St. Stephens Iconic School

St. Stephen's Iconic School

(Formerly St. Stephen’s International School)
Nutangram-Pirtala, P.O.: Taalgaachhi, P.S. & Dist: Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin: 742149

Annual Sports Day 23-24

St. Stepheniconic School’s Annual Sports Day 2023-24 was an event to remember, filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and extraordinary displays of athletic prowess. Held on a bright, sunny day, the school grounds were transformed into a vibrant arena where students, teachers, and parents gathered to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and unity.

The Sports Day featured a diverse array of events, catering to all age groups and interests. From the thrilling sprints and relays to the strategic chess and calm yoga demonstrations, there was something for everyone.

Throughout the event, the spirit of sportsmanship was evident. Students cheered for their peers, celebrated each other’s successes, and supported those who stumbled. The camaraderie and mutual respect displayed were a testament to the values that St. Stepheniconic School strives to instill in its students.

The Annual Sports Day 2023-24 was more than just a day of sports; it was a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the joy of participation. It reinforced the idea that sports are an integral part of education, contributing to the physical, mental, and social development of students.

As the sun set and the grounds emptied, the memories of the day lingered. Students left with a sense of accomplishment, parents with pride, and teachers with the satisfaction of witnessing their students shine. St. Stephensiconic School’s Annual Sports Day was indeed a grand success, and it will be remembered fondly by all who were part of it.

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