St. Stephens Iconic School

St. Stephen's Iconic School

(Formerly St. Stephen’s International School)
Nutangram-Pirtala, P.O.: Taalgaachhi, P.S. & Dist: Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin: 742149

Annual Festival 2023-24: A Celebration of Talent and Togetherness

The much-anticipated Annual Festival 2023-24 at St. Stepheniconic School was a vibrant two-day celebration that left an indelible mark on everyone who attended. Students, parents, teachers, and guests gathered to celebrate the achievements and hard work of the students, making it an unforgettable event.

Day 1: A Spectacle of Performances

The festival commenced with a grand opening ceremony in the school auditorium, adorned with colorful decorations and lively music. The first day was dedicated to cultural performances, with students from various grades presenting an array of dances, songs, and skits. The junior school students stole the show with their adorable rendition of classic fairy tales, while the senior students impressed with their powerful performances of contemporary dance routines and musical numbers.

Day 2: Closing Ceremony

The festival concluded with a grand closing ceremony in the evening. Awards were distributed to students who excelled in various competitions, recognizing their achievements and encouraging others to strive for excellence. The principal, teachers, and special guests handed out the awards, while proud parents captured these precious moments on camera.

The Annual Festival 2023-24 was a testament to the vibrant and dynamic community at St. Stepheniconic School. It celebrated not just the talents of the students but also the collective spirit of togetherness, making it a truly iconic event.

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