St. Stephens Iconic School

St. Stephen's Iconic School

(Formerly St. Stephen’s International School)
Nutangram-Pirtala, P.O.: Taalgaachhi, P.S. & Dist: Murshidabad, West Bengal, Pin: 742149

150 Years of Mahatma Gandhi

We have conducted a workshop (Short Educational program) designed to teach participants practical skills, techniques, and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi which they can use in their work or in their daily lives.

School assembly clarifies school activities and lays out program focusing on the co-curricular activities. In celebrating the 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi we presented various special performances. It is conducted with a complete and active participation of the students, and the teachers. The photograph of Gandhiji was garlanded by all the teachers consecutively. The students also sang the –‘ De Di Hame Azaadi………’ song throughout the month.

Nature care
If we go through the experiments made by Mahatma Gandhi on several aspects of life, what comes clear is that he had a fair knowledge that health is not, and cannot be, a commodity but an outcome, or rather, a by-product of various human activities. Keeping this in view we engaged in various activities like plantation, cleaning the surrounding, reducing the usage of plastics and many more. During our visit to the Indo-Bangladesh border our students planted many saplings in the border out post areas in association with the BSF jawans.

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